I decided to start this monthly playlist with the hopes of sharing some of my favorite women artists. So, each month a new leading female will be featured in celebration of all they’ve accomplished in their creative lives.

The first playlist is dedicated to Florence Welch and her work in one of the most influential bands in my life, Florence + The Machine.

Welch captured my heart long ago with her debut album Lungs by simply injecting an unreal amount of soul into her music. Her music is deep, beautifully layered and important. Since Lungs, I’ve been fascinated with the English indie rock-star. She’s created some of my favorite songs like Blinding, Ship to Wreck and Seven Devils. Not to mention, she’s an amazing live performer. She proves to the masses that she is a true artist. I mean, how can you not like her?

Her songs encompass a range of dark emotions which line up on a spectrum from dark to darkest. Any one of her albums will take you on a complete journey through a dark and twisted world, which many artists can’t do.

Welch always finds a way to keep it fresh, while sticking to her roots as an indie goddess. This proves Florence + The Machine only get better with age. Thank you, Florence Welch, for sharing your talents with the world. This one’s for you.

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